Meghan - 
"Rachel always knows how to work with each individual student to help them learn how to get their best sound. She is patient and teaches things you continue to use for years! I could tell she puts a lot of herself and heart into her students and it shows in her results!"
Deborah - 

"I much enjoyed my voice lessons with Rachel.  She is a compassionate teacher, 

with lovely vocal skills and sound teaching techniques.  As an adult student with a music background but relatively new to voice, I especially appreciated her encouragement."

Heather - 
"Thank you for your wonderful help! You are fantastic and I am so grateful".
David -
"Bravo for great, fearless teaching. Thanks for being kind, specific, thoughtful and helpful".
Julia - 
"Thank you for your patience and for helping me to develop a more mature and beautiful voice! Thank you for your encouragement".
Julie - 
"Thank you for your hard work and for never giving up on me! Thank you for helping me open my mouth! I really appreciate your help and love listening to your beautiful voice".
Elizabeth - 
"Thank you for your help and encouragement. you are an amazingly gifted teacher!" 
Peter - 
"Thank you so much for your instructions and help in improving my singing. I am grateful for your insight and observations".
"Thank you for your helpful encouragement and for the practical vocal skills you taught me. I appreciate your awesome example!" 
Janet - 
"I truly enjoyed your positive energy and teaching with 'open abandon-ment'. You are an effective teacher who knows how to get positive results. 
Christine - 
"You are a fantastic teacher! You made a big difference in my vocal progress! "
Paula - 
"You inspire when you instruct. Thank you for your help. Thank you for being part of a such a wonderful learning experience." 
Anne - 
"You are such a delight and I love learning from you. You have an amazing voice to go along with your joyful spirit".
"You've blessed my life by helping me open up and overcome fear. You've found your lif passion and are extremely good! Thank you!" 
Linda - 
"You are such a loving and kind teacher- and SO knowledgable. Thank you!"
Lisa - 
"You have such an easy-going approach to coaching - it helps me relax as a singer. I like your style - you make it seem easy."


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