Boulder Valley Women's Chamber Choir

Boulder Valley Women's Chamber Choir is a fun and unique opportunity for women ages 18 and up to improve their musical abilities in a small choral setting combined with private voice lessons. Each woman will have the opportunity to gain confidence in their ability to sing and will experience the thrill of performing both as a member of the choir and as a soloist. The choir will be limited to 15 women. Choir will meet on Tuesday evenings from 7:00 - 8:15 pm throughout the school year, with private voice lessons scheduled Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday afternoons.   


In choir we will focus on hearing and singing harmonies, musical expression, performance, and music literacy. Each choir member will improve their skills in note reading, rhythm reading, and understanding and interpreting musical markings. We will also explore different genres of music throughout the year.


In private voice lessons we will focus on principles of healthy vocal technique tailored to each student’s individual needs. Lessons will help each choir member develop her vocal abilities, improve her musicality, and become an expressive performer.


Why require each choir member to take private voice lessons?  Individual instruction, combined with real life application in a choral setting makes for a unified and beautiful sound. As singers use their common vocal technique and work together to create the sound of the choir, a sense of community and mutual accomplishment will grow, resulting in a heightened choral experience. 


We will have 3 performances over the course of the school year, each with a specific theme. Boulder Valley Youth Chamber Choir will sing 5 memorized pieces, and each girl will also sing one song as a solo performance. Concerts will last about 1 hour 15 minutes. Participation in each concert is mandatory. The concerts will be held on the following dates:


Term 1 Concert: Saturday November 4th: Broadway Melodies – a night of music from the theater.

Term 2 Concert: Saturday, February 10th: Songs from the 40’s – a night of ballads and standards 

Term 3 Concert: Saturday, May 5th: Pops Concert – a night of contemporary music


Times and Locations or concerts are to be determined and will be announced as soon as possible.

Choir/Lesson Combo Pricing

Option 1: $140/month  (four 30 minute lessons at $25 each plus four choir sessions at $10 each) 

Option 2: $115/month  (two 45 minute lessons at $37.50 each plus four choir sessions at $10 each)

Option 3: $90/month  (two 30 minute lessons at $25 each plus four choir sessions at $10 each)

Additional $30 music fee per concert (includes a songbook and all choral music for the student to own)


***Some months will only have two lessons and two rehearsals. Those months will cost half the price of the full month***

Rehearsal Schedule

Choir rehearsals will take place at my home based studio on the following

Tuesdays from 7:00-8:15 pm

Term 1

August 22nd

August 29th

September 5th

September 12th

September 19th

September 26th

October 3rd

October 10th

October 17th

October 24th

November 3rd (Tech Rehearsal)

November 4th (Concert)

Term 2

November 7th

November 14th

November 28th

December 5th

December 12th

December 19th

January 9th

January 16th

January 23rd 

January 30th

February 6th (Tech Rehearsal)

February 10th (Concert)

Term 3

February 13th

February 20th

February 27th

March 6th

March 13th

March 20th

April 3rd

April 10th

April 17th

April 24th

May 1st (Tech Rehearsal)

May 5th (Concert)

Interested in Joining the Choir?
To sign up or ask questions, Please call Rachel at 303-668-6960 or send and email to