Lessons Are Tailored To Fit The Needs Of Each Individual Student

Nervous about trying virtual voice lessons? That's okay! Don't worry, it will be fun! Due to COVID-19, all voice lessons are held over Zoom. All you need is a computer with a camera to run Zoom as well as a second device to use for playing recorded accompaniments (iPod/phone/tablet). At your first lesson, you can expect to do a few warm ups with me, sing your favorite song, and then begin to learn about how to improve your voice. Each lesson is tailored to address your specific vocal challenges and help you create your best, healthiest, sound.   Each lesson you attend will begin with vocal warm ups, targeted to help you develop healthy vocal techniques.  We will work on proper breathing techniques, creating space in the mouth, balancing your tone, etc. After we have warmed up, we will apply the techniques we addressed in the warm up to the songs we are working on. You will leave each lesson, having taken steps forward along your path to a better, healthier sound. Want more information about online lessons? Contact me!

Just Looking For Help With An Audition?

I can help you with that -  even a one time coaching can help you get that part you've been working for!  Audition prep coachings are 45 minutes long. We will work on stage presence, musicality, vocal technique, expression and your overall performance.